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30 July 2008 @ 11:31 pm
Sometimes Just A Few Words Lead To More Tension  

Lesandra finally struck.

Nicolas told me Lux has tried to leave, and then he saved her from Lesandra.

He said that Lux was all right though. Healing.

I got the news late, so I've been unable to sleep. I tried. But the gut twisting worry is not helping me. I started feeling safe, and this happens. I know Nicolas informed Aly and Seamus when he could of what had happened.

When I did sleep, it wasn't peaceful. I finally gave up the last time I woke. Seamus wasn't home yet, even if it was dark. I know from past experience his work has the oddest hours.

So I slipped on a robe, and walked out to the small balcony connected to our bedroom. Been here for about an hour now.

Trying to sort out the chaotic thoughts threatening to overwhelm me.

Being safe was just an illusion.

I hear a door open, and then silently close. I look behind me through the glass sliding door to see Seamus coming in. He frowns at the open glass door and I hear a brief curse, then he sees me. Still frowning, he comes to the entrance, but refrains from coming out.

"Couldn't sleep," I tell him before he asks. "Not since Nicolas told us about--"

"Don't lose sleep over that," he growls. "She's fine. Wouldn't have to worry if she hadn't tried to take off."

And once again the tight tension slides back into place.

"She's a friend."

He just snorts at that and I can see the mistrust as well. He turns around and walks deeper into the bedroom. I'm tempted to call him out on that, on the whole boatload of tension between us, but I hold back. I'm not interested in causing more trouble and I'm not ready for a full on fight.

I think I'll wait a bit longer before going back to bed.

But I hear soft footsteps this time coming back. Must have taken off his boots.

"If she was a true friend, she would have stayed. Not ignored the danger."

Well he just had to say what was in the corner of my mind. I don't turn around. "Lux was never comfortable staying in one place." I was surprised she stayed as long as she did.

"Neither were you apparently."

I inhale sharply. I don't turn around however. He wants to start something, but I'm not going to indulge him. I'm tired, filled with worry, and sleep deprived. When we've fought before they were loud and passionate. Stuff thrown. We made it a point too not to fight in front of Keena, (Irish and Spanish tempers do not mix well) and she's sleeping just two rooms down right now. I'll indulge him when we're not in danger of waking her up.

I hear him sigh. "Never mind. Going to bed. And you should too."

"In a bit."

I hear him mutter something about that and then he slides the door shut, going back into the bedroom.

This is going to be a looooong night.
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