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15 August 2008 @ 10:02 am
Early Morning Healing  

A heart beating.

A firm chest.

Tangled legs, and twisted sheets.

Skin against skin.

Deep breathing.

I open my eyes to a dark room, and the feeling of legs tangled with mine. The beating of a heart underneath my cheek. I start to glance up, feeling a slight tug and realize Seamus's hand is currently wrapped in my hair. I notice the clock on the stand.

Only three am.

I lay my head back down against Seamus's chest. The beating of his heart is steady and reassuring.

It has been an... interesting couple of days.


All right, intense.

That's more like it.

I smile at my own thoughts, and stretch lightly, trying not to untangle my limbs from Seamus and possibly wake him up.

A little sore, but it's a good sore.

Only type of good sore...

A reminder of what we've missed for so long.

We may have reunited a couple months ago, but the last two days have been more of a reunion than anything else.

Anger may have played a part in starting it, but it was started. And in between bouts of us relearning each other in the best way possible, we talked. Little bit by little bit. Wounds that were opened up started to heal.

I hurt him badly when I left. I know that. I knew that when I did leave. I thought I was doing the right thing, to protect the ones I loved. In the end it wasn't. I hurt a lot of people but the one that suffered the most besides Keena was Seamus.

I broke a promise... something that I've sworn I would never do.

But with us talking, finally actually talking, we started to heal more in the past couple days than we did in the past two months.

And right now I don't care what Lesandra does, or tries to do... The only way I'm leaving my husband and daughter, my family, is through death and even Death better be careful about that too. I'm not going to let my fear for her ruin everything again.

Not now... when everything is getting better again. When the healing is starting.

Getting depressing... shift to more pleasing thoughts...

Flashes of what happened the past couple days rush forward, and even though I am certainly past the blushing stage I was in when I was younger, I feel my face warm.

I shift slightly to get a bit more comfortable but it's put to a halt as his legs trap mine even more, his arms tighten more around me. I place a kiss on his chest and his arms relax a bit.

No need for me to move really. Happy where I am.

Think I'll wake him up later though...

I listen to his heartbeat again, letting the rhythm lull me to sleep. I close my eyes, happy and content.
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